Saturday, July 19, 2008



Kate said...

Holy Blogomony! You've been busy as a blogomaniac. Awesome posts! All of them were fun to see, and many were fun for me to relive! Way to go getting caught up! Keep it up!! love ya!

Kents said...

Our prayers are with you. What a wonderful woman and mother!

Jen O. said...

It's evident how much Ginger loved her family. We will miss her bright, cheery smile and happy, enthusiastic personality. It was truly an honor to know her.

I'm so glad she took the time to create this blog.

Love to you all,
Todd and Jenny Overholt

Ashby Family said...

Your family is in my prayers and I added your names to the Sacramento Temple Prayer roll.

An old friend of Ginger and Heidi's,
Leslie Lake Ashby

The McKellars said...

What a beautiful family to always have! Ginger will be missed dearly. We are so sorry, and our prayers and thoughts are with all of your wonderful family.

Elise McKellar (Metcalf - from Jason's home ward in Simi)

Us! said...

I always admired Ginger and her beautiful, happy family. Jason, you and your little family are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart aches as I think of your loss. There are no words...the only comfort is knowing that families are forever.

Kim (Gibbs) Heinrich and family

Wutkee Family said...

We love you Clintons. Ginger has left a beautiful example and legacy that she built with her husband. We are praying that you have all that you stand in need of.
Lila (Wutkee) Stuteville

Brian, Kim and Vanessa Alcala said...

Ginger is such a beautiful person, both inside and out. It's hard to believe that she is no longer with us.

We'll miss you Ginger!

Brian, Kim and Vanessa.

Brooke, Brent & Boys said...

What a wonderful blessing for your family that Ginger created this blog. We will also miss her terribly and our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Brooke (Shirey) Mackay & family

Moose & Family said...

Your beautiful family is in our thoughts and prayers. I only knew Ginger in passing through Church and Seminary, however I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing what a wonderful family you have. May God Bless You ALL!!

Heather (Luna) Serr & Family

Lisa said...

I am so glad I had the privledge of knowing Ginger. What an amazing person she was and she will be turly missed by all. Your family will be in our prayers.
Lisa Allen (Graska)

K.B. said...

I love you Gingee. I know I will see you again.

MEB said...

I am a better person for having known Ginger. I will always treasure our friendship. She loved her family more than anything. I will miss her. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers. How grateful I am to know you will be together again.

Melinda Barlow

Kate Lorraine said...

I have so many great memories of wonderful Ginger. So many fun times and laughter. She was such an amazing person and such a great mother! I will miss her. I am so grateful for my knowledge of the plan of salvation. I know we will see her again. My thoughts and prayers are with your whole family!
Kate Barlow

The Held Family said...

I'm so glad you did this blog, and that your love for your family is here for them to see always. You are such a beautiful woman and you will be so missed. My thoughts and prayers are with your whole family too.

gbrandenburg said...

I'm stunned beyond words and wondering why this old Ginger--myself--is still here when a young, vibrant mother has been taken from her young family. I fervently pray that the Lord will envelope Jason, the kids, and the entire Z family with His love.


Ginger Brandenburg, T.O. 1

Andersons said...

My heart and prayers go out to your family. What an amazing mother these children were blessed to have and what an amazing human being to have known. This blog is such a treasured memory.


Erin said...

My prayers are with you Jason-- and your beautiful kids. I know that you and your family will find comfort as you continue to trust in the Lord and his plan for Ginger-- and all of you. He does not leave us alone.

I pray that you also find comfort in your happy memories of such a great woman who meant so much to so many.

Erin Windbigler

S.Miles said...

"Remember, Remember, keep your eye on the Plan. This is all a part of that Plan. Use your agency to draw closer to Him. You are strong. You are valiant. You are steadfast and immovable in your faith. You are His and He is with you. Live up to who you REALLY are: a descendant of incredibly strong, faithful men and women whose greatness echos in the blood that flows through your veins; a sister to siblings as valiant, strong and faithful as Captain Moroni; a mother to sweet, loving, strong daughters, a mother to an angel, a noble heir and daughter of the Almighty God. "

I love you Ginger and will miss you more than words can express. Keep shining.

All my love,

DCuillard said...

The Spirit World is brighter and happier today because your sweet Ginger is there. Her heart will always be with her precious Jason and your beautiful children. The ordinances of the Holy Temple will bring you the greatest peace during this difficult time.
The Lord is holding you in one hand and He has His other arm around Ginger. What a wonderful welcome she received for a life well lived and eternal covenants kept. All the Heavens rejoice in Ginger's faithful life.
We will all miss her beautiful smile and her sweet and gentle spirit.
Cousin Donna Cuillard

Diana Barlow Blaser said...

Jason, we are so sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful children. We hope you can find comfort in knowing that families are forever.

Diana Barlow Blaser and Family

heather said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your little ones. We love you guys and hope you will find peace in the knowledge that you and Ginger will be together forever. As you know, she was an amazing example to everyone. She was truly a righteous daughter of God and an amazing mom. We're here if you need anything.
Nick & Heather Moody

Amy O said...

I went on a run this morning in Ginger's honor. When I recently ran a 5K I based my goals on what she had set. (I also ran in the race and then didn't get back to running for a couple weeks like her!)
I will miss you, Ginger. I was enjoying getting to know you better in the Primary Presidency. You were such an inspiration to the kids, but especially to me. I am so glad that my last memory of you was seeing you in white with your husband in the temple.
Thanks for updating your blog so that I could relish in just a couple more glimpses into your life. I am grateful that the latest is about pure happiness. That's what you emulated in life and shared with all of us.
Love, Amy Omer + Tom & family

redstarmama said...

Thoughts, prayer and love to all of you from Justin and Jenn Hambly.

Moose and Family said...

FYI - There is a way to print this blog in a hard bound book to save and cherish forever. Visit: for information. This would be a unique way for the children to have a permanent piece of their mother's love, thoughts, and personality. With Love!!

Heather (Luna) Serr

laura allen said...

thinking of you and remembering all the good times with ginger. much love and prayers,
laura allen

BookwormMama said...

I am just so very very sorry. Ginger's last blog entry says it all, Jason... what you two have been doing with your family is nothing short of beautiful and eternal.
Ginger, you'll have to answer for leaving us all behind like this! :} I will love you always my friend. I am a better person and mother for knowing you. Thank you!

Stephanie "Parry" Coleman {and family}
p.s. Hannah {8} said to tell Erin that she wishes she could give her a big hug and that we are praying for all of you.

shnnn* said...

ginger i am thinking about you and your family everyday. your example left such an impact on me and i never told you that. you are such a wonderful person, and i pray everyday that those that you loved will be taken care of forever. you will always be remembered. much love. -shannon hokama

Allismom said...

Clinton Family,
We are thinking of you and want to send our prayers and love. I hope to be half the mom that Ginger was. I have been reminded to enjoy every second we are here.
Tami, Erik and Allison Temple

Brea Family said...

I feel so blessed to have known such an amazing person. I have been priviledged to share the same name as her. Ginger shared her happiness with everyone and you can see that happiness reflected in her family. My heart aches for you Jason and the children. What a blessing to know that Families are Forever.

Ginger (Gibbs) Brea and family

Christine Sloan said...

We found it! Our heart aches for you and your children. Oh how special it was to have known Ginger. I am grateful to know the last few months have been all that you could have hoped for without knowing they were your last earthly days together. You will be with her again. She misses you as much as you her. I wish I could wave a wand and make it all better, but our Heavenly Father knows more than we do and His plan is perfect. It is our imperfect selves that are left at times wondering, aching and trying to understand. In time it will all become clear. Know that there are many, and I mean MANY, that love you and your children and will always be there for you. You are blessed to have your family close and the incredible Z family near. We hope the rest of us non-Zs will be able to help ease the pain and help you as best we can.
James, Christine, Derek, Alise, AnneMarie and Danielle Sloan

J-Dub said...

Jason, our prayers are with you and your family.- The Wallets

dougandcheryl said...

We will keep you in our prayers and our thoughts. We were so sorry to hear about this but it sounds like you have a really great support system. Doug has really fond memories of Ginger from their time spent in Nauvoo.

Angela said...

Jason and kids-
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm sure you are well aware of what an amazing person Ginger was. She touched our lives for the better and we are grateful that we were able to know her.
She was an excellent example to me of a true friend. You are so lucky to have her for forever.
-Angela, Camron, Aubrielle, Benson and Jaycie Plaster

Shellbell said...

I knew Ginger from growing up in the T.O. stake together. Even back then at girls camp, stake activities, dances and such she was such a happy, bright spirit that made me wish I could be more like her. Reading her blog I can tell she never changed. Please know Zierenberg and Clinton families that you all are in mine and my families thoughts and prayers.
~Michelle (Dalton) Lyche

Ben said...

Ginger makes everyone around her feel better about themselves. Our thoughts and prayers with you, Jason and kids.

-Ben & Esther Dalton

Nikki said...

Ginger is an amazing person! I loved the time I spent with her in Nauvoo. I am a better person because of her example. My prayers are with you and your family.

-Nicole Bonnett

Ryan Serr said...

Although I haven't seen her in over ten years, I will never forget the love that Ginger held in her heart for others. She always gave the BEST hugs!! Thanks be to our Father in Heaven for the gift of such a wonderful soul.

You'll always be the AWESOMEST, Ginger!!

Your Nauvoo buddy,
-Ryan Serr

KMJ said...

I wanted to know her better and be her friend but only knew her casually, if that. You do not know who you influence. She would have no idea that I admired her and wanted to be like her. I saw enough of her- and had come across her blog recently- that I knew she was valiant and faithful. I can't really understand why a young mother must be taken from her husband and young children, but I can see her teaching and being a wonderful friend on the other side. I think we would be surprised if we knew really how she is feeling and doing. I can't imagine the love for and desire to raise her children going away, but I believe the good Lord makes up for that someway, somehow. Bless you Jason, Erin, Jenna, Brady, and Holly as well as the large wonderful Z family. Thank you Ginger for your wonderful example.

heather said...

I am so blessed to have known Ginger and her family. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I can only wish to be what she is and was. She is a great example and made such an impression on me and my family.

Nancy Boyce said...

My daughter Leslie (Lake)
Ashby was one of Ginger's friends from high school. I was so sorry to hear about Ginger's passing. Your family is in our prayers during this difficult time.

Nancy Boyce

Camille said...

I was in the same Stake as Ginger growing up. We did alot of things together for Young Women Activities and such. She was always so happy, and such a great example to me. I have been very saddened by the loss of her for her husband and children's sake. Jason, you and your children are in my prayers!!!
Camille (Dalton) Johnson

S&S said...

You will always be in our thoughts and prayers. Jason, you have wonderful and strong family and friends around you - but most of all you have a Heavenly Father who knows the end from the beginning. Ginger, you made a difference in this world and you are truly loved. Till we meet again. Love, Steve and Sue Hambly

Derek Jensen said...

An angel has been called home.
Ginger made the world is a better place and many old friends will miss her. She was my best friend for two years. Moorpark High 1994 May the Lord bless Jason and their wonderful family.
Miledys and I are praying for you guys.
Derek & Miledys Jensen (Bush-Bolingbroke)

Tiffany Pratt said...

To Clinton Family and Z. Family,

I visited Ginger's beautiful Journal/blog the Sunday afternoon after she had passed. What an amazing Journal. Thinking of Ginger and your families often, I came back to Ginger’s blog. I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and love for your families posted on this site.

Ginger's legacy and spirit will continue on forever. Her enthusiasm and devotion to good works and service was contagious. Words cannot describe Ginger’s love for her family. She was such a great example and will be terribly missed! Your families are in our thoughts and prayers.
Tiffany Pratt and Family

indymartin said...

God bless you all.

-Micah Martin (a friend from seminary days)

AmyJune said...

Ourthoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. What a beautiful thing that the last blog she posted was entitled "happiness".
Amy and Mike Adams

Poppy said...

Your family likewise is in our thoughts and prayers. ginger was one of my best friends and even though we were separated by distance, she was often in my thoughts. I can only trust that Heavenly Father needed her for a wise and wonderful purpose. She will most definitely be missed and I just hope and pray that the comfort of the sweet Spirit will be with your family during this time.

payneinthe... said...

Our love and prayers are with your sweet family, Ginger will be greatly missed

Rayna said...

I have such sweet memories of Ginger! I remember when she transfered to MP High (my school) and didn't know anyone. I kept trying to introduce her to everyone, but she said she really didn't care and wanted to eat lunch with Amber and keep her company. She was always like that! When we were roommates at BYU everyone else would be stressing out over finals and grades and she would be completely relaxed with out a care in the world! I always admired how no matter how much time had passed since we saw each other we could always pick right up where we left off! She was so easy going, she made people relax a but more just being around her. Jason, my prayers are with you everyday. Pres. Hinckley personally told my aunt when her husband died that "no righteous man is ever taken before their time. There is no such thing as fluke accidents or being in the wrong place at the wrong time." For reasons unknown to us, the Lord called her back home sooner than expected. I will miss her beautiful smile and carefree attitude about life!

Rayna & Ryan Vogel

CaliAZ said...

I would like to express my deepest sympathies to you and your sweet children. Ginger and I met through Melinda Barlow at the Moorpark Insitute. I believe it was just before you two started dating. I am grateful I had the opportunity to associate with her while @ Moorpark College and when she was living in Provo. It has been quite sometime since I have seen Ginger but I can tell through her blog that she lived a wonderful Christ-centered life and loved her family dearly. :) May Heavenly Father bless you and your family with an increase of comfort and love. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Alicia (Gulden) Gouso :)
(from Simi Valley now living in Glendale, AZ)

Joni said...

Dear Jason and Family,

I was one of Ginger's roommates in Nauvoo. I will forever remember her beautiful contagious smile, kind heart, and her fabulous laugh. I was devastated to hear of her passing. You are all in my prayers.

With love,
Joni Gardine (Osborne)

dlw said...

I really appreciated and enjoyed the chance to spend time with the Zierenberg clan at the beach house this year. You all made me feel so welcome. I am so glad now that I had the chance to get to know Ginger and your sweet family better. May you be blessed and comforted.
DeAnn Wach .. Rod's Mom-in-law

Anna said...

It is evident to everyone who looks at these pages that you and Ginger had already achieved the Heavenly status we all long for in our own families! Although your sweet Ginger has been taken home early, I already see an amazing Eternal family right in front of my eyes. I am thinking of you and your sweet kids.

Anna (Atherton) Kimball

Grandma Lady said...

We are so sorry to hear of Ginger's passing. We will miss her, but you both have done such a good job of teaching your children the Gospel. We love you all and if there is anything you need or if we can be of help at ANY time, please let us know.
Gary and Marie Trammell
(Grandma Lady)

Susie said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. I remember when you first met Ginger at MP when we were all there going (and not going) to our classes! Haha. I'm glad to know that your faith will get you guys through these tough times....and leaning on that, you will one day see your precious wife again...along with our Glorious Maker! Holdfast to the promises that you know to be true, keeping that faith that you already know so well. I'm so proud to know that you are such a pillar for your kids....and Ginger's memory will forever be kept alive. Till the day we all meet together in heaven......

God is faithful!

You and yours will always remain in my prayers.


Mattson Family said...

Jason, Erin, Jena, Brady and Holly,
There are no words to fully describe our feelings right now. Ginger's example and beautiful spirit have touched our lives forever. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. You are such and special family. We love you all so much.
With love,
Brandon, Sarah & Taylor Mattson

Mattson Family said...
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Sunny said...
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C & C Beecher said...

Much love from one of Ginger's old basketball buddies from Simi.

Meg said...

Jason, Erin, Jenna, Brady and Holly- We are so sorry that your mom and wife had to go so early to be with Heavenly Father. There is important work that she has been called to do. Know that we love you guys. Your are a beautiful family full of so much love. You are in our prayers.
-Meg and Matt Roberts

Sarah said...

We too are deeply saddened and astonished at her end here on earth. We pray deeply that her children may always know their mother and cherish their fond memories of her. She was such an AWESOME woman through and through. She always brightened a room just with her smile and left everyone better than she found them. I am saddened to know that her and I will not have that first visit as my newly assigned visiting teacher. Her beauty was genuine through and through . I will always remember the REAL conversations I had with her. I loved her real and unwavering personality. I know that our Madison was a tool in her teaching Erin about special children and now she has become a tool in us teaching Brooklyn about eternal life and Forever Families. She will never know all the ways that her example has taught people here on earth. She is truly an angel that will forever be among us. Our hearts go out to you and your family, Jason. What a beautiful service in her honor.

Heather and Spencer said...

I was so sad to hear of Ginger's passing, she really was an amazing person! I first met her when she was my seminary teacher, I had the pleasure of getting to know her better over the last year, as she was a part of our "Dinner parties" with my ward (SS1). Ginger is the type of person others strive to be, I am so grateful I had the opportunity to get to know her better! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the kids.
~Heather Talley

Anonymous said...

every time I think about Ginger, I keep hearing her laugh in my head. I still cannot believe that she is actually gone. I am so greatful for the time she was my young womans leader and all the times I got to babysit her kids. I loved going to oakridge with her to workout in the summertime. It has been a while since we have seen eachother but I will never forget what a wonderful example she has been to me and what a wonderful mother she is.

KlareBear said...

I didn't know Ginger that well. I knew some of her older brothers and sisters though, growing up in the Thousand Oaks Stake. I know Ginger always had a smile on her face whenever I saw her and always had a wonderful spirit around her. I can tell she was very much loved by many people and it saddens me that this had to happen now. I wish all the Clinton and Zierenberg families peace and comfort during this time. Our love and prayers are with you all!

Klare (Dalton) Davis

Renae said...

We don't know each other well so you don't know that I was just two years old when my father died. I can really relate to your children -especially those who will not remember their mother.

Because of my mom's pain, she did not talk about my father. So I grew up with my father as a stranger. Also becuase of her pain, she avoided my father's siblings. And when she remarried, her new husband was jealous. So my dad's things just got put away.

I know that you will not be this way. I have faith in you that you will keep Ginger alive. Don't put her pictures away. Tell your kids all about her - what made her laugh, how you met, how you fell in love, etc etc etc. And when you begin dating and think of remarrying, find someone who is willing to keep Ginger alive with you.

I will keep you in my prayers and will also keep you in the LA temple prayer rolls for as long as I feel you need it.
Love ya,

Shandrea said...

I have known Ginger since we were kids, and What a ray of sunshine she always was! She radiated with joy and she made everyone around her feel special. She could always see the good in others. She was so fun and positive. Her smile was contagious. I loved to be around her. When my husband Rob joined the church almost 12 years ago, she was one of the first to fellowship him. She was one of the sweetest and most genuine people he had ever met. The pure love of Christ was in her countenance and she was always ingaged in doing good. We can see the love she had for you and your sweet children. We love her so much and she will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Shandrea Haro

Sarah said...

What beautiful pictures of your family! Ginger was a friend to everyone and so much fun -- a beautiful person, in every sense. (Lots of memories from growing up and Girls' Camp.) My love and prayers are with you and the Zierenberg family.

Sarah Mathews

S.Miles said...

Everyone keeps saying that time will make things easier. That one needs some time to let themselves grieve and process everything. Time has stood still since Sunday morning. I felt her there yesterday which only made me miss her more. The strength of her family is unbelievable. I am not a member of the family I just wish I were. I miss you Gingi and I promise I won't let you down. I love you.

Cheryl said...

Jason and Family,

Ginger was my Visiting Teacher for awhile when you were in SS1 with us. Even though I only got to spend a short time with her, I will always remember her beautiful spirit and the love that she showed both me and my family. She is truly a special daughter of our Heavenly Father. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Cheryl & Michael Valley and Family

jenbulkley said...

I will never forget your silly laugh. I know I will here it again. Love you. Jennifer

jenbulkley said...
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jenbulkley said...
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CandiG said...

Dear Jason and family,
I've contemplated leaving a message all week and wondered what I could possibly say that hasn't already been said. I've known Ginger pretty much my whole life. I was so glad when we moved to Simi years ago and found that you guys were in the ward. She watched Tyson and Coby when they were little and I worked part-time. I was glad once again when you moved to Moorpark and I was able to play basketball with her and guard her on the court. We were just the right size together! I loved rubbing shoulders with her; she was such a neat person to be around. I'm so saddened by her sudden passing. I cry every day and I can only imagine your grief. I hope to gain a greater testimony of the plan of salvation by this tragedy. I hope you can find peace and solace in this dark time. I know that in time, the clouds will slowly lift and the sun will shine again. We love you guys.
Love, Candi and Rob Garrett

TftCarrie said...

After hearing your tragic news, all I can think is how unfair it is for such a wonderful mother to have to leave her babies. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers and tears today.

Justin said...

Jason, I just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family.

Justin Hutchins

rebecca said...

I keep almost posting a comment, but then I can't find the words. Ginger was a wonderful person and dear friend. I admired her, especially as a mother. She inspired me to be better. I am so greatful I knew her. Every time I say "exactly" (which I say often thanks to Ginger!) I will remember her with a smile. My heart aches for you, Jason, and your beautiful children. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, Rebecca and David etc.

Stacey said...

It's been a very long time since I've seen or talked with Ginger. This is Stacey (Winn)Reed. But, I remember how happy and kind she always was to everyone. I feel blessed to have known her. My prayers and thoughts are with your family. love you all and I know the Lord will watch over you.

LisaMichele said...

Dear Clinton and Zierenberg Families; You are in our thoughts and prayers. Knowing Ginger was such a privilege; I first got to know her when she was a cute little Beehive and I was her advisor. She just always had fun! When she was in high school in Moorpark and she worked with Wade at the Chevron, she was such a joy. Always happy, always smiling, always kind to everyone. It is evident from this amazing blog that she loved her husband and children and her entire family so deeply. May you have peace in your hearts and homes, knowing that Heavenly Father loves you and that Ginger is blessed to be in His presence now. With love and prayers,
Wade & Lisa, Jordan, Kaitlyn and Carson Wutkee

Jesse Wutkee Family said...

Dear Jason and beautiful little ones:
Thank you for sharing your wife and mother with all of us. She has always been such a wonderful person. She definately had an influence for good in my life and I'm grateful for our friendship. I never received a "Ginger update" without hearing about how happily married she is and what an awesome mother she is. My prayers are with you Jason and your little ones.

With Love,
Jesse Wutkee Family

M. Angela said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. What a treasure Ginger has left for you - her most loved ones! - with her consistent journal writing. Know that just as precious is the compelling motivation she has given the rest of us to not let time slip by us. There must be a great Heavenly purpose to this present abyssmal grief. Your unwavering faithfulness is exemplary. We love you for it: it lifts our spirits higher and makes our gratitude more sincere.
Steven & Angela Woodhouse

KMJ said...

Jason, I don't know if you have read all of these comments, but I imagine you will when you are ready or able. I just read President Monson's first presidency message in the August Ensign. It really hit me and of course caused me to think even more of you and Ginger and your families. I hope it is helpful to you.

Anne Elise said...

I just found out tonight about your family's loss. Somehow, we didn't get the message from a friend in Moorpark. I am so sad to hear about Ginger. I have known Ginger my whole life and we tried to keep in touch. Unfortunately, I have not been able to see her since before Brady was born. I will miss Ginger greatly. I have many bright memories of her and will treasure them forever. My prayers are with you, Jason, your beautiful children, the Zierenbergs, and your family too. I know this is a difficult time for everyone and I just want to express my sympathy and love for all of you at this time.
Anne Elise Rogers
St. George, Utah

Carlie said...

I just found out and passed the news to my family. Our prayers are with you all. There are so many memories.

Carlie (Fairbanks) Bainbridge

The Roberts said...

We are so sorry for your loss, but very grateful for the knowledge you and your family has and the peace that it brings.
We will forever remember the blessing Ginger has been in many lives and the beautiful example she brings.
ashley and ryan roberts

jenedypaige said...

Dear Jason,
I just wanted to thank you again for your testimony in church yesterday. It was incredible, as you and Erin walked to the stand I felt the Spirit so strongly. I've always believed that there was life after death, and in my short 23 years I've definitely been to my share of funerals. However, as you spoke of your youth conference experience and your testimony that Ginger is very much still alive and rooting your family on from the other side, it was like I got a glimpse of eternity. And I KNOW what you said was true, I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that we live again, and this life is but a moment. I know that Ginger is very much still an active part of your family and even I can feel her strengthening you. I know that with the toughest trials come the greatest blessings, and I know Heaven is near you. Thank you for sharing a taste of eternity. My prayers are with you!
jenedy eggleston

erin said...

Ginger, your children are so beautiful. I hope that every time they look in the mirror, they'll see you smiling back.
Thanks for always being such a warm, good, true example, and thank you for following the counsels of the prophets to keep a journal...not only for your family, but for everyone who knows and loves you.
Always, Erin Rogers Watts

Alice said...

I know Ginger as a young girl when we were in church together. I just found out what happend from another girl that was in that class. I want you to know that my parys are with you and your family. I have thought about her over the years. Ginger was always so fun to be around, happy, and a great friend. I loved the time in my life when I was apart of that group of girls and Ginger was a big part of that. Ginger will always be in my mind the 8 year old girl that was a great example and so loving to every one. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
Always in my prayers.
Alice (Hodges)Van Vleet

Angela said...

Losing Ginger just takes my breath away every time I think about it. I am so very sad, but she left an indelible mark during her time here. Her life was a tremendous example that I hope to attempt to emulate. Our prayers are with your family. We will miss her!
Angela Zeman and Family(SS5, formerly in SS2)

js said...


I am so sorry to hear about Ginger. Please let me know if there is anything you need help with, we would be happy to help in any way we can.

Jimmy Sanderson

Beardall Family said...

The veil is very thin between this earth and the other side. I know you and your children will have experiences throughout your life that you will realize this. Ginger will be with you, just not physically... I promise.

Laura said...

All our love!
Chad and Laura Wright and fam.

Erin said...

Jason, we are still thinking about your family and praying for you and your kids. We've also kept your names on the St. Louis Temple prayer roll. I am strengthened by the example and faith of your family.

Erin Windbigler

Erin said...

Jason, we are still thinking about your family and praying for you and your kids. We've also kept your names on the St. Louis Temple prayer roll. I am strengthened by the example and faith of your family.

Erin Windbigler

Anonymous said...

Ginger, we will miss you and your sweet spirit. Thank you for always showing kindness and being such a great example to my family and I.

Kenisha Shakespaere Thompson

Jenni said...

I was reading today and came across this quote and Ginger's bright smiling face popped into my mind. To me it describes Ginger perfectly. "No woman is a more vibrant instrument in the hands of the Lord than a woman of God who is thrilled to be who she is."- Sheri L. Dew
I am thankful for her example. I am forever changed. What a blessing she is to your family.

Lacie Meisinger said...

Jason you and your beautiful family are in my prayers and thoughts. Ginger was one of the most beautiful, loving, caring people I had ever met! She will be deeply missed...

Lacie Meisinger (An old friend of Ginger and Amber)

Us! said...

Happy Birthday, Ginger! Your family is in my thoughts today, Jason.

Kim (Gibbs) Heinrich

Annelise said...

Happy birthday Ginger... I miss you so much and am thinking about your awesome life, the fun we had, the example you were and still are, and you eternal mission as a wife and mother. Thanks for all the blessings of your life.

Kathi said...

I have so enjoyed the tribute everyone has shared of & for Ginger (& her sweet family). I'm so impressed with the zest & love of life, joy of motherhood & being a wife ALL you (Zierenberg)women possess. It's amazing & refreshing! Ginger's legacy in this blog is so wonder & ALL your blogs!! Thank you so much for your wonderful examples. You "light up all our lives".
Kathi Orme

Chronicles of M.E. said...

Jason, I don't know how often you are checking the "comments" section on this site. I just learned about Ginger's passing and feel terrible. I know you have the faith and family support to hold you together. Please send me your email address. I'm sending positive thoughts your way.
Your Friend
Melinda Esposito

Meg said...

Thinking about you today Ginger. I saw some picture of your little Holly ohh how she is grown. she is so cute you would love her little curls. Your family is still in our prayers. We miss you.

Grandma Lady said...

Hi Jason and family,
It was so wonderful seeing you and the children at the 4th of July doin's! You all looked positively beautiful.
I hope that you call sometime when you go to Verde and I will come and join you.
All the best!!
Grandma Lady

Sundy said...

I've just been reverencing my short time reading about the beautiful life of a woman I never met (I'm one of Amber's old roommates).

My words are inadequate. Thank you for leaving this legacy, Ginger.

"They cut desire into short lengths
And fed it to the hungry fires of courage.
Long after—when the flames had died—
Molten Gold gleamed in the ashes.

They gathered it into bruised palms
And handed it to their children
And their children's children. Forever."

By Vilate Raile.

K.B. said...

Missing you so very much.