Saturday, July 5, 2008

it's birthday time for Jenna!

she's finally 6!
Jenna had a fun-filled birthday! the first order of business was put on the famous "birthday girl" crown which must be worn all day, so that random strangers can wish you 'happy birthday!' we met up with Heidi & Don and kids for a birthday breakfast at Denny's before their family headed up the coast to Don's sister's house. obviously with 9 kids at a restaurant there had to be a few spilled waters and loudy announced bathroom breaks. throw a little syrup into the mix and you can imagine the stickiness of our situation! we asked the waitress to take a picture of our group, but it turned out blurry and mainly exhibited the ceiling. that's okay, I'm pretty sure I can remember the chaos without the photo.

then it was off to the bowling alley for a very long 10 frames for the 5 of us (Holly decided to sit this one out). then the lights went black and the "cosmic" bowling started! super cool! the kids were alarmed at first, but they quickly recovered and we resumed our game.
just a side note: I got the highest score. it had nothing to do with the bumpers. I've been practicing on the Wii.

a look back at my little Jenna Lee...

6 months old

I love her cute face and goofy/sweet personality! Happy Birthday Jenn!

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