Wednesday, July 9, 2008

his enemy, my love

while watching Amber and Sam open their wedding presents, my sister Heidi suddenly grabbed my wedding ring hand in a panic, "where's your diamond?!?" I'm like, what's she freaking out about? then I look down's gone. not just the diamond either. the ENTIRE mount-- prongs, diamond, gone. what the? I'm stunned. push pause. rewind. I start thinking about all the places I'd been that day where I might have possibly snagged my ring or banged it on something. the beach, the pool, the shower, my mom's house, the could be anywhere! any of those places, I'd never find it.
I actually started laughing. it was to keep from crying. my older sister Kate lost her entire ring years ago and my sister Heidi had lost her diamond and never found it. it's the curse of the Z girls' wedding rings! little sisters beware!

when I told Jason my diamond was gone, he was elated. yes, elated. "finally!" was his exact response. truth be told, he never really liked my diamond because it had a slight laser slip on the face that looked like a microscopic fiber. who cares, right? no one will ever see that it's "imperfect" and he purchased it at a significant discount. unfortunately, the night we got engaged I noticed it, which he didn't think was possible (I notice everything). I asked him about it the next day, (just in case he didn't know!) which was a huge mistake. he was crestfallen. the ring he'd given me wasn't perfect. he insisted that we get a new diamond, but I assured him that it didn't bother me one bit and no thank you, I loved the ring, and I wasn't trading it in! well, he's never forgiven himself for my "flawed" diamond and he has held a grudge against it for the past 10 years. he didn't even attempt to fake concern for it's sudden absence.

I knew I'd make myself crazy with efforts to search for my diamond, but I found myself subconsciously sweeping every floor in my mom's house with my eyes. this continued when I got home that night-- from my driveway, front entry, down the hall, my bedroom and bathroom...there it was! my diamond mount, prongs and all. plain as day, casually resting right there on the floor near my sink. unbelievable! too bad I hadn't prayed to find it. that would have made for a really great inspirational story!

so, my ring is being repaired at the jewelry shop this week. the guy said the saudering was broken down by chlorine. I got a scolding from the guy and the lady who work there. I always wear my jewelry when I swim! who knew?

I'll be happy when my wedding ring is in one piece and back on my finger. Jason, not so much.

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Poppy said...

i'm glad that you were able to find it. I hate those scary moments of losing something invaluable. Even if you do get a new diamond someday, it's always great to have the original.