Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mammoth Snow Trip!

Oh, we had so so much fun on our trip to Mammoth! Our friends, the Gredings, have a family cabin and we were lucky enough to be invited up for a few days along with two other families. There was no snow on the roads when we arrived on Wednesday night, but then it snowed non-stop after that, and contined even as we were leaving on Saturday afternoon! It was so incredibly beautiful outside! I spent a lot of time staring out the window at the amazing view of the mountain and the snow-covered trees. The boys went skiing/snowboarding and the ladies stayed close to the fire inside with the kids, venturing out occasionally. Our last day there, we put Erin and Jenna in an all-day ski class. It was so cool to see them all dressed up, complete with goggles!
Here are a few favorite pictures out of the billions I took. I am just now noticing that Holly and I didn't make it into a single one! :(
Thanks for an amazing snow get-away Dave and Rebecca! We loved it!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh sweet mystery of life at last I've found you....!

That title was for all of my fellow "Thoroughly Modern Millie" fans! Sing it girls!
I got tagged to answer these questions about my significant other. What a perfect day to reminise about how it all began...

What is your hubby's name? Jason, but I never call him that…it’s mostly Baby, Babe, Hon, or Daddy
How long have you been together? Married 8 years this May but we started dating in the fall of 1995.
How long did you date? Almost 2 years—1 year before his mission and about 10 months after he returned.
Who said I love you first? Jason
Who is taller? Jason by a foot!
Who is smarter? Jason is book smarter, but I’m pretty good with the stuff we need to know for raising babies. We balance each other well!
Who does the laundry? 99% me (He did two loads last week.)
Who does the dishes? 100% me
Who sleeps on the right? I always sleep on the side closest to the door/baby, usually the right side.
Who pays the bills? 99% Jason. I pay my Gap credit card bill myself.
Who mows the lawn? Jose y sus amigos…???
Who cooks dinner? 100% me
Who drives when you are together? 100% Jason
Who is more stubborn? Jason
Who kissed who first? He says it was him, but I remember it being me. I wanted to hurry and get over that “first kiss” akwardness!
Who asked who out first? I invited Jason to a young adult dance in Camarillo. Soon after, I asked him out to dinner at Woodranch with some friends. He threw up on the 10 minute drive home…it was awesome. I thought he would never want to go out again, but we started dating after that!
Who proposed? Jason
Who has more siblings? I do—4 brothers and 6 sisters. He has 2 sisters.
Who wears the pants? I’d like to say Jason does, but I’m sure he let’s me have my way more than I realize.
I love you Baby!

I'm tagging Shannon, Heidi, and Poppy.

Monday, February 11, 2008

100 days!

Jenna has been in Kindergarten for 100 days! Her teacher sent a note home asking the parents to have their child dress up in something 100-ish for their celebration, but I guess I took it a little too far...Jenna came home and said she was the only one with marker on her face and kids on the playground kept staring at her. oops! The best part is that I unknowingly chose a non-washable marker so no matter how much I scrubbed, her eyebrows stayed pink for days! hee hee!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jason gets to sleep in!

hey, in case you were's official. Jason got layed off today from his job at Countrywide. yep, it finally happened. we're not too worried about it and he's got a few months of severance pay to find a new job, so it's all good. I bet he won't miss hitting the snooze button 3 times at 4am...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Lady Liberty

She's much cuter than the real thing, don't you think?