Sunday, July 13, 2008

little Paige Emily's blessing day

welcome Paige! I was so happy be at Paige's blessing at Summer's ward in Fresno. it was my only chance to meet her, since Summer, Clint, Kaden (3), Lindy (almost 2) & Paige (2 weeks) left the next morning to drive across the country to Virginia where they will live for the next 4 years while Clint attends medical school. :( we're excited for them, but sad that they will be so far away for so long!
we love you guys and wish you the best as you start this new adventure!
Summer & Clint with baby Paige
Yvonne and Andy (friends from forever ago) were so sweet to offer hosting a luncheon at their house after church. they had a massive spread of delicious food! we felt so welcome that we stayed for hours and hours, visiting and eating. it was so perfect to get to spend that time with everyone. Kate and I came without our kids, my mom and dad were there, Heidi & Don & 5 kids, Trevor & Natalie & 6 kids, Clint's parents & several siblings, and his aunt & uncle. we were a huge group!

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Us! said...

Wow! I can't believe summer has three kids while I just had my first!! They all look so cute! Y ou and your sisters are so beautiful!

p.s. how do you do your picture collages??